Yorùbá Literature Books

We sell classic and new Yorùbá literature titles at very affordable prices.

Translation Services

Our team of language experts help you translate from English to Yorùbá and vice versa.

Language Tutorial

We help you master the Yorùbá language by providing you with competent tutors for group and private learning sessions.

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Other Services

We are passionate about the Yorùbá Language and Culture and we are constantly striving to build a community for people to reconnect with their cultural roots and personal identities.

Online Yorùbá Literary Magazine
Yorùbá Book Club
Yorùbá Copywriting Services

Àtẹ́lẹwọ́ Cultural Conference

Once every year, we bring people together in one of the biggest cultural gatherings in Nigeria to discuss some of the challenges facing the Yorùbá language and culture as well as provide fresh insights and solutions from technological and socio-political perspectives to ensure the sustainability of the Yorùbá culture and the survival of the Yorùbá people as a whole.

Àtẹ́lẹwọ́ Bookshop!

Wherever you are, whoever you might be, whenever you might want it, we now make it easy for you to buy fantastic Yorùbá literature books from the comfort of your phone. No more excuse, it is time to start building a library of Yorùbá books for yourself  and your kids…! Check the bookshop menu to get started. If you encounter any challenge, send us a mail: egbeatelewo@gmail.com

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